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Automatic curtain rod with remote control and thermal control

Automatic curtain rail settings

Automatic curtain rod with remote control and thermocouple, type Comfort.

Comes in standard white RAL 9010 and silk matte alu color. The curtain rail automatically closes the curtains in the evening and opens again in the morning. The curtains can also be opened or closed at any time by remote control or via wireless switch (in LK design). This model also has built-in thermal control.

The curtain rod has built-in intelligence that makes it possible to open and close the curtains. Here you can either choose the default program, which is preset to run after sunrise and sunset times (which you would typically do yourself - open when it gets light in the morning and close when it gets dark in the evening). The program distinguishes between weekdays and weekends, summer time and winter time, Christmas, Easter and other holidays. Or you can choose the individual program where you set the times yourself.

The curtain rod has a built-in temperature sensor that closes the curtain as the temperature rises to a preset value and leaves the curtain closed until the room has been cooled down. The temperature value for when to close the curtain can be set between 16 and 35 degrees Celsius. The heat control in the curtain rail ensures that the curtain does not close and open in case of minor temperature fluctuations. It is easy to activate and deactivate the automatic thermostat control.

You can also control the curtain rod with your voice. Via Google Home Smart Speaker and ODSIF's voice control software "Sofus" you can at any time request to close and open the curtain. If you use voice control via your smartphone, you can also open and close the curtain from outside the home, for example. from the cottage.

In addition to being powered from the outlet, the curtain rail is also battery operated (3 pcs. C batteries). In doing so, it will continue to operate despite the power disappearing. This is extra security in relation to theft protection etc.

Recommended accessories for automatic curtain rod

Included on delivery:

  • Integrated motor
  • Power supply
  • Wall or ceiling fittings
  • Screws and screw plugs
  • User Manual

Youtube video showing how the curtain rod is paired with the Odsif Wifi smarthome smartbox

Technical information

Material, rail: Aluminum
Tube diameter: ?36 mm
Max Width: 400 cm
Length of wall bracket: 5 - 14 cm
Available with ceiling fittings: Yes
Display: Yes
Connection: Via adapter (4V)
Maximum weight for curtain: Max 2.5 kg / m
Can be controlled remotely: Via wi-fi with smartphone / iPad / PC and wireless contact

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