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Curtain rail with powerful almost silent motor with 10 years warranty, model ODSIF WIFI EVERLAST

Almost silent curtain rail with WIFI

New revolutionary curtain rail - with brushless motor with 10 year warranty

This new curtain rod model runs super elegantly with soft start and soft stop while being almost silent. The brushless powerful motor runs briskly and fast and can pull 6 metres per minute. It is therefore an optimal choice for long curtain poles for large window areas, home theatres etc.

Built-in wifi - requires no external boxes or electrical installations. The curtain rail also has built-in wi-fi, so it can be operated via smartphone / tablet, from where it can also be set to automatically open in the morning and closed in the evening all year round - even while on vacation so that the home looks inhabited. You can activate the thermostat in the rail and let it close the curtain at a desired temperature, eg. 27 °, which helps protect your inventory and furniture from the sunlight.

The great thing about the ODSIF WIFI EVERLAST curtain rail is that you just need a curtain rail and your smartphone / tablet. Everything is hidden inside the rail so no additional boxes are required to be mounted on the wall. Simply - just plug your curtain rod into a wall socket and find ODSIF's Wi-Fi interface on your phone / tablet and you're all set.

Say "open curtain" or "close curtain" to your curtain rod

You can also control the curtain rod with your voice. Via Google Home Smart Speaker and ODSIF voice control software, you can ask the curtain to be closed or closed at any time. If you use the voice control via your smartphone, you can even open and close the curtain outside your home, for example from the summer house.

One advantage of built-in wi-fi, automation and temperature in the curtain rail is that if the wi-fi goes out, the pole will keep working. This is an added security compared to most other solutions that work with an external smartbox or external controller.

You can also get a nice wireless contact that you can operate the curtains - available in the LK design. This can be set up anywhere you want - completely without wires.

Recommended accessories for silent curtain rail

Included on delivery

  • Built-in brushless motor with 10 year warranty
  • Built-in wi-fi
  • Power supply
  • Wall or ceiling fittings
  • Screws and screw plugs
  • User Manual

Technical information

Material, rail: Aluminum
Tube diameter: Ø36 mm
Max. width: 400 cm
Length of wall bracket: 5 - 14 cm
Available with ceiling fittings: Yes
Display: No
Motor: Brushless
Connection: Via adapter (12V)
Maximum weight for curtain: Max. 2,5 kg/m
Can be controlled remotely: Via wi-fi with smartphone / iPad / PC and wireless contact

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