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Smartphone and wifi roller blinds

Wifi and smartphone wifi roller blind

Our Odsif smartbox allows you to control your roller blind via your smartphone and tablet

For this solution, our motorised roller blind with RF remote control is used together with our Smarthome box. It's easy and simple, plug in the roller blind with a few screws and connect 230V. The Smarthome box must also be connected to 230V. Follow the Smarthome box instructions and control the roller blind via your smartphone and wifi network. Via Smartphone, iPad and computer you can set times for the roller blind to pull in and out automatically each day and you can operate the roller blind (pull in and out) whenever you want. For this solution you need our Smarthome box.
6 stop positions can be set for the roller blind. The motor is almost silent (maximum noise is 40dB) and it runs really elegantly. Tube diameter is 38 mm.
You can now also control the blinds with your voice. Via Google Home Smart Speaker and ODSIF voice control software, as well as our Smarthome box, you can ask for the curtain to be closed or closed at any time. If you use the voice control via your smartphone, you can also open and close the curtains outside the home, for example from the summer house. The price for the roller blind starts at €1600 and the Smarthome.box costs €1875. This means that a fully functional solution to control a roller blind starts at €3475. A Smarthome box can control up to 50 devices, i.e. the solution can be extended to a whole home and only the desired devices such as roller blinds, curtains, door openers, window openers, lamps and relays need to be purchased.

Stored fabric-

White blackout fabric White blackout fabric:
White blackout fabric 24.22 GBP,- m²

Gray blackout fabric Gray blackout fabric:
Gray blackout fabric 32.53 GBP,- m²

Black blackout fabric Black blackout fabric:
Black blackout fabric 32.53 GBP,- m²

White fabric RAL9010 White fabric RAL9010:
White fabric, RAL 9010 27.71 GBP,- m²

Screen 5% transparent White coarse mask for sun protection:
White coarse mesh screen 5% transparent 34.94 GBP,- m²

Technical information

Material, rail: Aluminum
Tube diameter: Ø38 mm
Motor speed: 30 rpm.
Connection: Directly in 230V
Max. width: 250 cm
Remote control: RF
Maximum weight for curtain: Max. 2,5 kg/m

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