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Remote control curtain model LIGHT REMOTE

Remote control curtain rail

Remote controlled electric curtain rail with built-in motor.

Comes in standard white RAL 9010 and silk matte aluminium color.

The remote can control up to four curtain rails. You can also purchase a wireless switch in LK design to operate the curtain rails.
This remote-controlled motorized curtain rail is a perfect solution to home theater. Elegant harmonious design, very quiet and reasonable price range.
Light Remote is a smart solution for eg. disability homes and elderly homes, as well as to course rooms where the curtain can be pulled off / on during the teaching if the outside light is bothering. Remote controlled curtain rails are also a practical solution where it is difficult to reach the curtains due to furniture or other inventory in front of the window.
You can also control the curtain rod with your voice. Via Google Home Smart Speaker and ODSIF voice control software, you can ask the curtain to be closed or closed at any time. If you use the voice control via your smartphone, you can also open and close the curtain outside the home, for example from the summer house.

Recommended accessories for removable curtain rail

Included on delivery

  • Integrated motor
  • Power supply
  • Wall or ceiling fittings
  • Screws and screw plugs
  • User Manual

Technical information

Material, rail: Aluminum
Tube diameter: Ø36 mm
Max Width: 300 cm
Length of wall bracket: 5 - 14 cm
Available with ceiling fittings: Yes
Display: No
Connection: Via adapter (4V)
Maximum weight for curtain: Max. 2,5 kg/m
Can be controlled remotely: Yes, ODSIF remote

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