Frequently asked questions about curtain rails and lamps

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Curtain rails: Can the curtain rail be mounted in the ceiling?
Yes - then an angled or flat ceiling bracket is used.
Curtain rails: How long can the curtain rail be max?
3 meters is the longest - otherwise it must be composed of several rails, e.g. 2 bars of 2 meters which pull from each direction to achieve a total of 4 meters.
Curtain rails: Can I use my existing curtains?
Yes - they may need to be adjusted lengthwise if the automatic curtain rail is set up at a different height than the previous rod.
Curtain rails: Do the curtains draw when the sun shines on them?
Our "Comfort" and "de Luxe" models have a built-in temperature sensor and close the curtain when the room gets too hot. No - the curtains usually follow the times of sunset and sunrise - but individual time patterns can be programmed.
Curtain rails: Can the curtain rails be connected to other systems such as IHC?
Yes - the COMFORT, C-IHC and roller blinds. Must be stated when ordering. C-IHC is exclusively for IHC.
Curtain rails: Is there a remote control for the system?
Yes - it's there for some of the types: De Luxe, COMFORT, and Light Remote. This must be ordered separately for all curtain rails except the roller blind.
Curtain rails: How long do the batteries last?
Between 3 and 12 months depending on the length of the rails and the weight of the fabric and using Duracell Alkaline batteries. Applies to the Classic model if used without power supply.
Curtain rails: Which surface do the rails have
Model COMFORT, Classic and CT are available in high gloss white RAL 9010 (powder coated) and silk matt anodizing (with gray fittings). The luxe range is available in gold, natural silver and bronze. Other colors are available on request.
Curtain rails: Why doesn't my curtain rail suddenly pull automatically?
Check that the curtain rail is not set to "manual to", "vacation to" - it must be set to "manual from" or "manual to" respectively. "vacation from".
Curtain rails: Why doesn't the curtain rail open / close at the right time?
Try setting the date and time again.
Curtain rails: May I paint the antenna?
Yes - just not with metal colors.
Curtain rails: What is the clock accuracy in the rail?
The accuracy of the clock is 19 min / year at 25 ? C
Curtain rails: Can the curtain rods be controlled by Wireless IHC
The curtain rail cannot receive signals directly from IHC wireless. This is mainly due to curtain receivers receiving at frequencies other than IHC. To use IHC wireless, there are three solutions:
  1. The IHC wireless module sends signal to the controller, which then sends signal via wires to the curtain rail (see drawing under the C-IHC rod)
  2. The IHC wireless module sends a signal to the controller, which then sends a signal via wires to a module (EMML), which can be placed close to the IHC controller. This module then send signal wirelessly to the curtain rails. The module can be purchased from ODSIF via request.
  3. The IHC wireless module sends a signal to a wireless receiver module. which via another module or relay sends signal via wires to the curtain rails.
Curtain rails: How does the temperature setting work?
The temperature setting is built into the Comfort and de Luxe models.
From the curtains closed in the evening and opened in the morning the temperature setting has no effect.
When the curtains are opened automatically in the morning, the temperature settings takes effect. If the temperature exceeds the upper limit (set to 28 degrees from ODSIF, but can be changed to another value using buttons and display), then the curtains close. If or when the temperature drops below the lower limit (set to 21 degrees from ODSIF, but can be changed to another value using buttons and display), the curtains open.
Curtain rails: How accurate is the temperature measurement in the curtain rails?
The temperature setting is built into the Comfort and de Luxe models.
The accuracy is within a degree, ie +/- a degree.
Roller blind: Why do the roller blinds only draw a quarter turn at a time?
The roller blind only works when the tube on which the curtain is rolled is mounted. There is a sensor in the system which means that if the tube is not mounted, the motor only rotates a quarter turn at a time.
LED lamps: Can the cord for the lamps be replaced?
Do not replace the cord by anyone other than ODSIF. If the cord needs replacing, contact us to get it done. We do this for a very reasonable price.
LED strip: What happens if voltage is reversed on the strips?
The LED strips do not lit. They do not damage when getting revers voltage. So if you happen to put the voltage in reverse on the tapes, you just reverse the voltage again and then they light up as they should.
LED strip: Can the cable from the LED transformer to the LED strips be extended?
Yes, you can usually extend the cord by up to 10 meters without losing the light from the LED bands (applies if a normal 0.75 mm2 flat or round 230V cord is used). If the cable needs to be extended beyond the 10 meters then contact us to see if it will be possible.
Wifi smarthome smart box: Can the settings also be done on a PC?
Yes, the settings can be set or changed from any device that has a browser and is on your local network. You do this by noting the IP address of the Odsif smarthome smart box on your mobile device that you used to pair the smart box with your network. You insert this IP address into a browser on your PC and then you can change all the settings.

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