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LED night lamp

LED night lamp
- Avoid disturbing your sleep when you need to do something at nights.
- Do not bump into things in the dark.

Avoid the following situation:

Imagine that you wake up at night. You are thirsty like an Icelander who has drunk a barrel of mead and cloven a human from head to navel. You reach for the table lamp on the night stand, topple the beer can, which you thought was absolutely necessary to open right before you fell unconscious, and the Old Norse-Icelandic Sagas (III, 1829-30) by Carl Christian Rafn has now been drenched with beer. In spite of the alcohol fog you wake up with a twitch, hurry out into the kitchen to get a paper towel and make a pathetic attempt to limit the damage. The rest of the night and all Sunday you are alternately mad at yourself and try to make up a story for the Danish Royal Library that most graciously lent out the book to you with the comment that you should take care of it, as this was the only copy they had, with head-banging-hangover.

You can also avoid this:

You go into the bedroom only dressed in nylon socks to protect your toes. It is dark so you do not see the vacuum-cleaner your husband has left on the middle of the floor. You bang your toes into the vacuum cleaner and thereby wake up the bastard lying in the bed and which sleepy tells you to be quiet. You halt on towards your side of the bed. You are convinced that your little toe is broken, and the one next to it is in a very bad condition. You lie awake in the bed and feel your pulse pounding in your assumed broken toes, while the bastard next to you snores loudly to emphasize his deep sleep. Sleep is not what you get much of as your thoughts are either concentrating on the pain in your toes or the speech you are going to hold when your husband wakes up from his beauty sleep.

How does the lamp work?

When sufficient motion is detected in the dark in the room, where the lamp is placed, e.g. getting out of bed or going into the room, a dimmed pleasant light is turned on, which neither makes you wide awake or disturbs other persons sleeping. The lamp uses the same shade and base as the SUNSET lamp but is furthermore provided with a light sensor and a motion sensor. The lamp turns on at a certain pre-programmed motion in darkness. It will therefore not turn on, if you are just turning yourself in the bed. And if you should have made a movement that big that the lamp will turn on, the light will be so pleasant and dimmed that it will not disturb your sleep. The lamp can be used as traditional wall lamp besides having a night light functionality.

The lamp is available in two models:

1. One with warm-white LED that turn on with a limited strength at night and can be turned on with full brightness by pressing a switch at the front of the lamp, use of wall switch from ODSIF or a smartphone, iPhone or Android. The smartphones require a Telldus transmitter

2. One with warm-white LED and multicoloured LED that turn on with a pleasant dimmed yellow-reddish light at night and can be turned on with full brightness by pressing a switch at the front of the lamp, use of wall switch from ODSIF or a smartphone, iPhone or Android. The smartphones require a Telldus transmitter. It has like the SUNSET theme lamp 12 built-in light themes and excellent lighting when choosing reading light.

Both models are available in the standard colours anodised aluminium and black, but other colours can be delivered on request.

Accessories (Click the accessory to add to basket)

This is included when ordering the lamp:
  • Screws and rawlplugs
  • User guide

Black night lamp Silver night lamp Night lamp with light
Technical information
Brightness: 420 lm
Power consumption: 8 W
RA value: 80
Light colour: 2700K
Light diodes white: 4 pcs. CREE MX-6
Light diodes RGB: 4 pcs. KINGBRIGHT AAAF5051
Material: Shade and rear plate of aluminium
Cable: 1m. flat 220V cable

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