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White powerful LED strip

This LED strip has a pleasant warm-white colour. It is very bright with an intensity per metre corresponding to more than a 40 W incandescent bulb. This LED strip is suited for primary light source anywhere, you wish an indirect lighting such as kitchen, living room, corridors etc.

The strip has self-adhesive tape on the rear and can therefore be fastened on smooth surfaces. If the strip is to be glued to wooden surfaces, we advise to use aluminium rails between the strip and the surface.

The strip has 20 cm wire mounted and plugs that fit right into our transformers, and therefore no special tools are needed such as soldering irons etc. and can be installed by anybody.

The LED strip has a high RA value of 80 and colour temperature of 2700K. It has therefore very warm light combined with a good colour rendering.

The LED strip uses 9.6W per metre or 48W per 5 metres. Our 48W transformer can thus drive 5 metres length of the LED strip.

Accessories (Click the accessory to add to basket)

This is included when ordering the LED strip
  • 3 units extra plugs for the LED strip for dividing it into smaller parts.

White powerful LED strip Example of white powerful
             LED strip
Technical information
Brightness: 790 lm/m
Voltage: 12 Volt
Power consumption: 9,6 W/m
RA value: 80
Light colour: 2700K
Light diodes: 3528
Number of LEDs: 120/m

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