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Excluding stylish stainless steel letters - with or without LED lights
Exclusive letters with led lights
Stylish stainless steel aesthetic letters for example. company signs or signs at hotels, conference centers, etc.
Available with or without light The letters can be front-lit or back-lit. Good idea for making your company visible - even when it's dark. The letters are made in 3D design in stainless steel either brushed or glossy. We can supply different sizes, fonts and colors.

Contact us with your wishes and we can make suggestions as well as price for you.
Recommended accessories

Included on delivery:
  • Waterproof transformer if the letters are ordered with light.
  • Installation Instructions
Technical information
Waterproof LED module: IP65
Power supply: Waterproof 12V
Light color: 3000K warm white
Material top: Stainless steel (can be painted)
Material bottom: 8 mm white acrylic

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