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Motorized curtain rail for intelligent home control, model C-IHC

C-IHC - the curtain rail for your intelligent home control system:

Motorized curtain rail especially made for IHC (IntelligentHomeControl.) Available in Curtain rail in elegant design with very low noise built-in motor.

Price from EURO 439.-

Download diagram for connection to intelligent home control (IHC):


Think about security:

Think of security when you are away on vacation and let your IHC system open and close your curtains when you are not at home.

Accessories (Click the accessory to add to basket)

This is included when ordering the curtain rail
  • Adapter
  • Fittings for wall or ceiling
  • Screws and rawlplugs
  • User guide

IHC-stang ophængt i loft IHCfarver hvid RAL 9010 og silkemat alufarve IHC gardinstang trukket for, når det bliver mørkt
Technical information
Material, rod: Aluminium
Rod diameter: Ø36 mm
Maximum width: 300 cm
Length wall fittings: 5 - 14 cm
Available with ceiling fittings: Yes
Display: No
Batteries: Yes
Maximum weight for curtain: Max 2,5kg/m
Remote control: No
Control by intelligent home control: Yes

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