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ODSIF voice control - control your home by voice

Voice control for the home
With ODSIF voice control you can get various units in the home to act automatically. Via the voice control you can open or close curtains, blinds up and down. You can turn on lamps and LED bands, dim and increase brightness, turn on a desired shade of light. Create your own voice scenarios such as cinema mood, where a curtain rolls and the lights dim, or good night where all the lights go out and all the curtains close. Or a scenario could be simulate presence where random lights are turned on, dimmed, turned off and curtains pulled on and off. It helps to make the home look inhabited from the outside. Additional devices can be connected to the system such as window openers, door openers, automatic wardrobe openers and hangers.

Combine to complete smart home solution

You can combine the voice control with our tablet control / smartphone control, where you can control and set all the devices via your smartphone, iPhone, tablet. Thus, you get a state-of-the-art comprehensive solution that is at the forefront of development. Further, you can operate all devices via wireless connectors in LK design. Then you have all the options.

What does it take to get started?

You'll need ODSIF's smartbox and voice control software, Google Smarthome Speaker and your smartphone and / or tablet - then you have the control! Next you can choose the units you want to be able to control: curtain rods, blinds, lamps, LED strips, window openers, door openers, wardrobe openers, motorized hangers and more. You can connect multiple devices all the time, and you can have it all with us. Click on the link below to see an overview of what it takes to get started with voice control.

How to use the voice commands

When the light needs to be turned on and off, say "turn on light" or turn off the light. You can also name the different lamps so you can say "turn on a ceiling lamp" or turn off the ceiling lamp. "At the curtains you say" open curtains "or" close curtains " or "open curtains in bedroom" At the windows you can say "open window" or "close window". At the doors you can say "open door" "or close door". Of course both windows and doors can be named.

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