ODSIF Intelligence Made Easy

Curtain rails

Use the digital curtain rails that automatically open the curtains in the morning and close them again in the evening - all year round, also when you are away on vacation. That way it looks more like somebody is at home when you are away from home. Available both with and without remote control. Wireless wall switch can also be bought from us and the curtain rails can be controlled with smartphone or tablet by using a transmitter, which you connect to your home network.

LED lamps

The lamps ahve a strong light and are therefore suited as primary light source. They are also decorative during the day without being turned on. Since they use LED light they are energy-friendly and can also be used at places, where they have to be turned on most of the day. The light diodes typically last from 30.000 hours and up to 50.000 hours and thus last for many years. E.g. the light diodes last for approx. 35 years, if they are turned on approx. 4 hours a day.

LED strips

Use LED strips as light source in all rooms of the house. They are especially suited under cupboards, on or under beams, behind handrails and many other places, where they can provide indirect lighting. With our transmitter built into LK switches, the light can be controlled as wished. Our watertight LED strips can be used outdoor to give exclusive lighting along walking areas and/or roofs on house, garage, car port.

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