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Welfare technology - automatic wireless smart home care solutions

Living room with welfare solution
ODSIF can offer various Smarthome solutions for every need. We have both the products and various controls for the products. With our latest tablet solution it is possible to operate wirelessly via wifi, among other things. curtain rods for textile curtains, electric blinds, electric window openers, automatic door openers and automatic hangers in wardrobes where the doors can also be opened automatically.
The tablet is easy to use with large clear icons that are pressed to operate the devices. The user interface can be individually adapted to the individual user. Our wireless switch in LK design can also control the devices, which is recommended in parallel with the tablet control, so that guests and caregivers can also open a door, light a candle and more. Our products can also communicate with voice control. This allows us to offer complete smart home solutions, installed and ready for use. We would like to come out and talk about the systems and provide offers - also on set-up and setting of the systems. Choose exactly the systems and the type of control that is relevant to the individual.

Tablet management for nursing homes - clear buttons and icons

Tablet control of devices in the home such as curtains, blinds, lights, door openers, window openers etc. With the push of one of the buttons, the unit in question is operated, for example. open / close door. As something new, integrated TV control is on the right side of the screen. Many home care users may find it difficult to switch between multiple applications on the screen, so we have created a combination solution with both home and TV management. The tablet control can be adjusted as needed with fewer / more buttons and with electrically controlled TV.

Automatic wardrobe and wardrobe opener

Our latest product is automatic hangers that can be lowered and raised with wireless switch, tablet / smartphone, remote control or even voice control. especially suitable for people who have difficulty reaching their clothes, e.g. wheelchair users. The automatic hang bar can be combined with an automatic wardrobe opener, so the doors are opened first. Next, the hangers are lowered and when the hangers are raised again, the cabinet doors are closed.

Intelligent curtain rods

The curtain rod models are very flexible and can be installed in new as well as existing homes. They are available as fully automatic bars, which even pull the curtain off in the morning and again in the evening, and can be operated at any time by wireless wall switch, tablet or remote control. We have models for central control, e.g. via IHC. For our intelligent curtain rods, we can offer health & care curtains, which are both flame retardant and bactericidal.

Motorized blinds

Motorized blinds with wireless contact and / or remote control and with climate blinds, including darkening and sun reflecting. Comfort and help in everyday life, not least for people with disabilities, who can now roll the curtain up and down and become more self-help. The curtain runs very elegantly with soft start and soft stop. Possibility of wifi control from smartphone / tablet. Voice control is also possible. We offer setup and adjustment of the system.

Electric window openers

These can be operated with wireless contact and / or remote control as well as tablet. Voice control is also possible. Help for people with disabilities who have difficulty opening and closing the window manually.

Automatic door openers

Can be operated with remote control and / or wireless switch and tablet. Voice control is also possible. Aid for people with disabilities who have difficulty opening and closing the doors manually.

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