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Welfare technology - Ambient assisted living

ODSIF focusses strongly on welfare technology/ambient assisted living and has delivered automatic and motorised curtain rails of different models to handicapped, nursing homes and care centres and Living Labs (exhibitions of assistive technology).

Our automatic curtain rails can help making the citizens/residents obtain more autonomy, save the care personnel time, and may have a positive mental effect on the mood and well-being of e.g. senile people or people with dementia when he curtains are opened automatically in the morning, so that light gets into the room.

The models are very flexible and can be mounted in both new buildings and existing homes. They are available as fully automatic rails opening the curtains automatically in the morning and closing them in the evening. The curtains can be opened/closed anytime during the day with a wireless wall switch, tablet or remote control. We have models for central control e.g. via intelligent home control, and we co-operate with a partner, that can connect our curtain rail to voice control.

In co-operation with the Danish Technological Institute we have made a small video with experiences from real life, where our curtain rails are installed and used. There is an interview with a resident at Søndersøhave (elderly home/nursing home) in Gentofte (Denmark) and a resident and superintendent at Jonstrupvang in Værløse (Denmark), which is a nursing home for people with cerebral palsy.

Denmark's proposal for the nursing homes of the future

ODSIF is part of an alliance together with the Danish Embassy in Paris, the Nursing home of the future in Aalborg, and other companies within welfare technology. We have participated in a fair in Paris, where we showed Denmark'sproposal for the Nursing home of the future and we have been at seminars and knowledge share about the Danish solutions other places in France. Please, contact us if you wish further information about our curtain rails for welfare technology.

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