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Wireless relay for smart home, lights, lamps and more.

Trådløst relæ til smarthome, lys, lamper

Wireless relay for Lights, Led bands and other devices that need 230V to be active.

This wireless relay can be used to control light, ss. LED ribbons, bulbs, lamps and other items connected to 230V. For example, light in the outdoor shed. Turn on lights in attics, turn on a fan, etc. small size, it is suitable for installation in eg electrical mounting boxes which can be Fuga front boxes, wall boxes or ceiling boxes.

There is also a small remote control that can be used to remote control the relay. The relay can be controlled wirelessly by our wall switches. The wall switch is completely flat and can be mounted on a wall with double-sided tape or small screws if preferred. We usually pair the relay with contact if ordered together, but pairing takes place easily via a small switch on the relay. Otherwise, see the user manual

Included is a small insulated plastic box where the relay can be placed.

The relay has several functions s.s.
  • ON as long as a button (on the remote control or wall switch) is held down.
  • Change upon activation. When the button is pressed, the relay switches the position from ON to OFF or from OFF to ON.
  • Two-button operation. By pushing a button, the relay switches to the ON position and with the second button pressed to the OFF position.
Valget mellem disse funktioner forgår via små kontakter på enheden. Det trådløse relæ kan også kontrollereres fra vores WIFI smarthome smartboks. Via en app fra boksen kan relæet tændes og slukkes og der kan også sættes automatisk timer til således at ved f. eks. en solnedgang så tændes et lys udenfor som så slukkes senere, f. eks. kl. 23:00 om aftenen.

Recommended accessories

Included on delivery:

  • Wireless remote control

Technical information

Input voltage: 230V AC
Working temperature: -20 - 60 ° C
Output: 1 channel
Transmission Frequency: 433 MHz
Dimensions: L46 x W38.5 x H17 mm
Net weight: 30g
Output Current: Max. 10 A
Static energy consumption: Max. 1W
Max power: 230W

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