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ODSIF - Intelligence Made Easy

ODSIF specializes in elegant and customized smart home solutions for private homes as well as disability and nursing homes. We take great pride in providing the extra necessary to deliver an aesthetic and elegant installation. With our own local specialist workshop, we can be extremely flexible and even manufacture specific accessories for the installations to meet the special wishes and needs our customers may have. We strive to provide the best possible service at all times, from initial advice on choosing solutions to help and support after the products have been put into service.

ODSIF - the founders:

Ingibergur Helgason - Icelandic, MSE with many years of experience from major international companies such as nokia, ericsson and ibm. Has since 2001 developed ODSIF's products including BIG-O tempo guide for golfers, digital curtain rods, LED theme lamps, wifi and voice control of curtains, lights, doors, windows and more. An absolute workhorse, persevering and thorough in his work. Creative and unconventional thinking. Any challenge - it's no problem!

Gitte Regine Bruhn Carstens - Danish. Many years of experience as a translator (English, German, Icelandic, Danish) from his own translation company specialized in technical translations. Co-designer at ODSIF and handles administration, sales, marketing, communication and technical writing. Creative and creative, outgoing and systematically working. Let's just throw ourselves into it!

The ODSIF inspiration

Our inspirational walks in our stunning Nordic nature on unexplored trails really give us a sense of freedom and the rewards of going up, up and up to reach a mountain top can prove to be a wonderful view of a magnificent landscape. This is exactly how we create our designs and products. By daring to walk new paths instead of the familiar ones, we dare to create non-traditional designs and products instead of leaning on the already known ones. Unexplored paths lead to new and different designs and products!

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