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Voice control, wifi control, tablet, wireless contacts, smartphone, ihc and other controllers
We can provide complete smart home solutions for your home. From individual products that you want to operate via smartphone, voice control, tablet or contact and to complete solutions with multiple devices such as curtains, blinds, LED strips, LED lamps and more. You will also be able to set the various devices to act automatically. Curtains can be opened and closed at given times and at given temperature. Lights and lamps can be switched on and off at set times and with reduced brightness.
Several of our products can communicate with other known controllers in the market such as IHC, KNX, Zwave, IHC Wireless etc.
If you have a special need, please contact us. If you are in the process of building a new one, we would like to give advice and guidance on planning of electrical connections and their location. We can provide diagrams of how you can connect the products to the individual controls. Please take us to the advice well in advance.
ODSIF smart home
ODSIF smart home
Our own smart home system where you can control curtains, blinds, slats, lights, lamps, LED bands and other devices via smartphone and tablet. All communication with the devices is done wirelessly. All you need is our wifi box and the devices you want to control. A smart and modular solution that can be used with only a few units or many units in the home.
Voice control
ODSIF smart home
Together with our smart home solution, Google Assistant is used to manage home devices through voice. This requires our wifi box, a Google Assistant, and the devices you want to manage. A real and simple way to control the home, especially when you don't have your phone or tablet at your fingertips.
Internet of things
The Internet of Things, is a term for physical things equipped with small sensors that can communicate with the outside world through the Internet. ODSIF has curtain rod models that are pure IoT products. Ie that the curtain rods themselves connect online and can send and receive data. The curtain rods are controlled via smartphones / tablets / voice control.
Wireless switches
We can provide wireless contacts in LK design to match the contacts you already have in your home. They are smart to have as parallel controls so you can always e.g. open or close a curtain, switching on and off a light, etc. Especially if you do not have a smartphone / tablet at hand. An added security that you can always operate your devices.
IHC wireless
If you have IHC in your home, we can supply devices for control via IHC Wireless, including curtain rods and blinds. You can find charts on how to connect ODSIF products to IHC Wireless. Look under the products or downloads.
IHC output module
We have curtain rods and blinds that can be controlled via the IHC Output module. Under the products and downloads you will find charts of what it takes to apply this solution.
It is possible to control some of our curtain rods and blinds via KNX. You can find diagrams for KNX connection for our products under the individual products as well as during the downloads.
For Z-wave, we have different solutions, including roller blinds. See 2 suggestions under our control panel for control via Z-wave and Fibaro HC2. Diagrams of the solutions are also found during downloads.
Remote controls and tablets
Remote controls
Of course, you can get remote controls for our products if you wish. For curtain rods, blinds, door openers, window openers, cupboard openers etc.
Tablet control
We can provide control via tablet with large and easy to operate icons for operating units in the home. Eg. open / close window, open / close door, turn on / off light, open / close curtains, turn on / off TV, turn TV sound up and down. Can be individually adapted to the individual's needs with fewer or more functions. Contact us about the different options.

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