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Benefits of ODSIF's smart home solutions - increase quality of life, self-reliance and prevent fall accidents

Living room with welfare solution

Benefits for the resident

Improved quality of life when sunlight enters the home - with the automatic curtain rods, the curtains are opened in the morning and close in the evening, so that neither the resident nor the staff have to worry about operating the curtains.
Personal freedom / more self-help - people who are handicapped, disabled, people with severe arthritis etc. can service curtains, blinds, windows and doors during the day and should not call in staff. Personal freedom matters.
Prevents fall accidents - e.g. if a resident has difficulty walking (uses a walker or wheelchair), or has to pass furniture or other furniture in order to operate the curtains. Our wireless contacts can placed on the wheelchair, making it easy to operate the devices rather than having to go to a wired contact on the wall.
Increased well-being - by activating the temperature control in the automatic curtain rods, the inhabitant avoids sitting "bathed in the sun" if it gets too hot in a room.

Benefits for the nursing staff

Fewer calls - since the occupant can operate his curtains, doors and windows. Eg. if the sun shines on the TV screen, there will be fewer calls by staff to draw curtains and they will not be disturbed in other work tasks.
Fewer steps - servicing the curtains, doors and windows of the residents may not seem like a big task, but overall it can take some time, which can be released for other more important tasks.
More "peace of mind" - using the automatic function of the curtain rods, the staff need not worry, the curtains have opened and closed at the residents apartment morning and evening. During the day, the resident can operate his curtains himself and, where relevant, the temperature control in the curtain rod can be activated so that the occupants will not sit in the rising sun. It provides "peace of mind" that the curtain rods themselves provide the work according to each resident's individual wishes and needs.

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