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Motorized slat curtain controlled with smartphone, wireless switch or remote control
Vertical curtains-motorized
We have motorized slats that can be controlled with our wifi solution, so you can operate the slats with your smartphone / iPhone / tablet.
The slats can be opened / closed and stopped in any position and the entire slatted curtain can be pulled off / on. Through the app on your smartphone you can also set the curtain to automatically open / close at desired times each day. Smart if you are not at home, so your furniture and your furniture are protected from the sun, and at the same time the home also looks inhabited when the curtain is opened and closed, as it usually does.

The motor is brushless and therefore very quiet. At the same time, it looks very discreet, making the installation aesthetic and elegant. The motor measures 442.0 mm in length, and 90.4 mm on the widest side (where the rail is connected), and 46.4 mm on the narrowest side.

We can obtain different types of fabrics, including darkening and sun shading in white or gray.

Recommended accessories

Included on delivery:
  • Wall and ceiling fittings
  • Rails for mounting slats
  • Screws and screw plugs
  • User Manual
Technical information
Motor: Brushless
Connection: Built-in transformer
Effect: 12W
Opening / closing speed: 20 cm / sec.
Max. slat weight: 50 kg
Weight: 2 kg

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