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Welfare technology for the disabled, nursing and care centers and living labs

Welfare technology for the citizen

Total solutions in the welfare area

ODSIF can offer total solutions for care and disability housing such as automatic curtain solutions, window openers, door openers and automatic hangers for wardrobes. Combined with automatic opening of the cabinet doors. We have both the products and the controls so we can take care of the entire automatic interior design of the home. Devices can be set and operated via tablet / smartphone, wireless switches as well as remote controls and voice control are also possible. See further descriptions under products.
Our home automation products can help make citizens / residents more self-reliant - the personal freedom of being able to handle simple everyday things such as dragging a curtain on and off, opening a window, closing a door, reaching for their clothes in the wardrobe and more. is of great importance.

We have installed various solutions for people with disabilities in private homes, nursing and care centers, newly built emergency homes and Living Labs. See under references.

Watch our video from our booth at the Health & Rehab Fair 2018 in the Bella Center, where from a wheelchair we show how to control units in the home from a tablet.

Denmark's bid for future housing for the future

ODSIF has joined an alliance with the Danish embassy in PARIS, the Future Nursing Home in Aalborg, and other Danish welfare technology companies. We have attended a fair in Paris, where we showed Denmark's bid for the nursing home of the Future and subsequently went to seminars and knowledge sharing about the Danish solutions elsewhere in France. Please contact us if you would like a demonstration of our products.

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