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ODSIF smart home - manage your home wirelessly via smartphone, iPhone or tablet

With ODSIF Smarthome you can set different units in the home to act automatically. Curtains, blinds, slats can be set to open and close at desired times. You can choose to turn on the temperature control and get your curtains rolling if it gets too hot in a room. Lights and LED strips can be set to turn on and off at desired times and with selected brightness or shades.
Create your own smart home scenarios such as cinema mood, where a curtain close and the lights dim, or good night where all the lights go out and all the curtains close. Or a scenario could be simulate presence where random lights are turned on, dimmed, turned off and curtains pulled on and off. It helps to make the home look inhabited from the outside. Additional devices can be connected to the system such as window openers, door openers, automatic wardrobe openers and hangers.


Smarthome control with automatic curtains, roller blinds and slats

Curtains, blinds and slats can be set in advance to open and close at desired times morning and evening. With intelligent control, you can choose to let the curtains follow the circadian rhythm and open and close at sunrise and sunset, or at fixed times each day. The control even distinguishes between summer time and winter time. By activating the temperature control you can roll the curtain if the temperature in the room reaches a set temperature - e.g. 27 ° C. It helps to protect your furniture and your furniture from the strong rays of the sun, and the room becomes more temperate.

Light control - LED lamps and LED strips

Ceiling lights and lamps can be set to switch on and off at set times. LED strips along the ceiling are a smart solution for room lighting and can be set to switch on and off at set times. LED strips and lamps can be set for different scenarios - daylight, evening lighting, night lowering, etc.

Other devices

With ODSIF Smarthome you can add more units to your home. It could be automatic window openers, so you can set a window to open at a specific time of venting or simply open it via your Smartphone or tablet. Additional units include automatic door openers (also with on-clamp function), automatic wardrobe openers and automatic hangers that can be raised and lowered via the phone or tablet. With an automatic hang bar in the wardrobe, children or wheelchair users will be able to access their clothes as well.

Wireless connectors in LK design

In parallel with management via iPhone, Smartphone or tablet, we offer neat wireless contacts that you can set up wherever you see fit. It is smart to use them in parallel so you can always operate your units in the home if you do not have the phone at your fingertips. Likewise, your guests can also serve light and e.g. curtains in a guest room. If you have LK contacts in advance, we can supply our wireless ODSIF connectors in the same design that you already have in your home.

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