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Electric curtain rails for voice control, smartphone, ihc and other controls

Our electric curtain rails range from manual to fully automatic

We have models that are fully automatic, electric and remote controlled in a nice stylish design, where the motor is elegantly hidden inside the rod itself. This is unique and found nowhere else. As a new feature, you can now control several of our models with voice control and smart home control via smartphone, iPhone, iPad and tablet. With us you can get curtains with motor.
The automatic models can even pull the curtains for and from morning and evening - even when you're away from home. Wireless wall switch in LK design can be purchased to operate the curtain rods . If you have IHC or other controls in your home, we can help you choose the right model for this.

Curtain rails with built-in wifi

ODSIF WIFI - curtain rail with wifi
Automatic motorised curtain rail with built-in wifi, which you can control both with voice control and via your smartphone/tablet, wherever you are. Set your own times for when to open and close the curtain, activate the temperature control, open and close the curtain at any time with your smartphone or tablet. Equip your home with a smart curtain.

WI-FI EVERLAST - curtain rail with powerful motor

curtain rail-with-strong-motor
Fully automatic curtain rod with powerful brushless motor and 10 year warranty. Can pull up to 6 m per minute. Especially suitable for larger windows, home cinema etc. The model has built-in wi-fi and automation and can be operated with wireless wall switch as well as from smartphone, iPhone, tablet or voice control. This is one of our very best curtain rods. Treat your home to elegant and chic curtains.

COMFORT - Fully automatic curtain rail with timing and temperature control

Comfort curtain rails in living room
Fully automatic curtain rail with time and temperature control, which can open the curtain in the morning and close it again in the evening. This model can be operated by remote control and/or wall switch. Settings are made via the display on the curtain rail itself. This curtain can also be integrated into a smarthome solution.

Model de Luxe - Fully automatic curtain rail that can be controlled with B&O remote control

The Luxe curtain rails
De Luxe series in anodized polished aluminum, available in the colors silver, gold and black. Available with blue or yellow OLED display, which shows razor-sharp letters and numbers when reading and programming. Can be operated with ODSIF's own remote control with radio technology and / or IR remote control from eg. B & amp; O and / or wall contact. Built-in thermal control.

Model Light Remote - curtain rail for remote control

Light Remote curtain rail in colors: white and silk mat aluminium
Equip your home with motorized curtains. Our electric curtain rail model Light Remote can be controlled with remote control and wall switch. The model can be controlled via smart home and voice control when used with our Odsif smartbox box.

Model IHC - curtain rail for IHC and other intelligent house installations

Curtain rails in the standard colors white RAL 9010 and silk matte alu color
Curtain rail exclusively for IHC. Can also be controlled from wall contact with wiring to the rail.

Model Manuel

Classic curtain rods mounted in ceiling
Manuel is, as its name suggests, a curtain rail without any kind of control. The manual curtain rod is operated manually like traditional curtain rods. Can be used if you want the design alone, or with other motorized curtain rods.

Accessories for curtain rails

Wireless wall switch

Wireless switch for curtain rods
Thin wireless wall switch in various LK designs Can be used for model Wifi, Everlast, Comfort, de Luxe and Light Remote.

Smarthome box for smarthome control

Wifi control of curtain rails
Odsif smartbox for smart home control of the curtain rails via smartphone (iPhone / Android) and tablet / iPad. Odsif smartbox connects to your own Wi-Fi network. Set your own timing for when to open and close the curtains, and set the temperature control to closethe curtain at a given temperature. (Can be used with the Light Remote model).

Remote control for curtain rails (RF)

remote control for curtain rails
Remote control for the curtain rails Comfort, Light Remote and de Luxe. The remote can control up to 4 curtain rods. With the buttons on the remote control the curtains can be opened and closed.

Corner for curtain rails

Corner for curtain rails
Corner for curtain rail Comfort, Light Remote and IHC. The corners are supplied in the same colour as the curtain rails and must therefore be ordered together with them, or the colour must be specified when ordering. The corners are used for example if the curtain rails are mounted a little far from the wall, where the corners can be used to make the curtains fit closer to a wall.

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