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24-Hour Rhythm Lighting - Better 24-hour rhythm and sleep for dementia

Welfare technology with silent curtain rod
ODSIF can offer automatic controls for circadian rhythm lighting, which are particularly suitable for dementia. In order to create a better circadian rhythm with dementia, we can offer a solution with curtains / blinds that can be pulled on and off at preset times as well as LED lights and LED lights that can be set to switch on and off at selected times and with the desired times scenarios (for example, white daylight, evening lighting, and night / night light). With automatic curtain and light control, the dementia gets a better circadian rhythm - during the day with daylight (opened curtains) and daylight in lamps. better nighttime sleep with off light / night lowering and bedtime closed curtains.

24-hour rhythm lighting with automatic curtains

Curtains and blinds can be set in advance to open and close at desired times morning and evening. Daylight enters the home in the morning - no matter where you live. The curtains close again at bedtime. The citizen does not have to wait for nursing staff to open and close the curtains (an advantage especially if one is among the last to be visited by the nursing staff). Temperature control can be activated which close the curtains / blinds for at a given temperature in a room. This prevents the citizen from suffering from heat in the sun until nursing staff or relatives come by.

Light control - LED lamps and LED strips

Ceiling lights and lamps can be set to switch on and off at set times. LED strips along the ceiling are a smart solution for room lighting and can be set to switch on and off at set times. LED strips and lamps can be set for different scenarios - daylight, evening lighting, night lowering, etc.

Benefits for caregivers and relatives

There will be fewer staff calls as the units in the apartment automatically open and close the curtains and lamps automatically turn on / off at desired times and with desired scenarios. Caregivers and relatives can access the system and even set automatic times and scenarios. The system can be individually adapted to the individual citizen with the desired number of units and scenarios. Settings and controls are done via tablet and / or smartphone.

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