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LED lamps

LED lamps inspired by our Nordic nature.

Available with pure white light, dimmable white light and multi-colored LEDs.

The multicolored light can be tinted in various shades, which we call bright colors. As something new, our LED lights can be controlled via smart home and voice control. They can be set to switch on and off at set times as well as with the desired shades of light.

LED pendant PIPE

Stylish LED pendants
Suitable for all places where indirect lighting such as kitchen, living room, hallway etc. is desired. corner of living room or over sideboard Hang any. 2 or more shuttles offset together. Easily and conveniently choose the right lighting for the right mood. The lamp can be controlled via smartphone and voice control.

LED wall light - SUNSET

LED wall light with color change
LED wall light. Excellent lighting with white light and colored lights. Easily and conveniently choose the right lighting for the right mood. The wall lights can be controlled via smartphone and voice control

LED Pendant Light - WORLD

LED pendant - dome
LED Pendant WORLD. Inspired by our planet with the equator around, the pendant has an aluminum band around it which contains the LEDs. The light is scattered from the equator and reflected from the white dome into space. The pendant light provides a comfortable light scattering at the top and bottom and provides good lighting.

LED Pendant Light - GLACIER

LED pendant light - innovative design
LED pendant GLACIER. Excellent lighting with nice light scattering in the room as well as above eg. dining table. The use of LEDs offers completely new possibilities for designs that have never been seen before. This innovative LED pendant in ODSIF design has an open design in the middle and the light sources are placed on the outside of the lamp at the top and bottom of the slim tubes on the white screens.

Accessories for LED lamps

Wireless wall switch

Wall switch for LED lamps
Thin wireless wall switch in various LK designs. Can be mounted anywhere and used to operate the lamps (on, off and theme change).

ODSIF Smarbox for smarthome control

Wifi control for Led lamps
Odsif smartbox for controlling lamps, lights and other devices in the home via smartphone (iPhone/Android) and tablet/iPad. The smarthome box connects to your own wi-fi network. Set your own times for when lamps turn on and off and with what shade of light.

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