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About the LED lamps


We develop, produce and sell LED lamps. The inspiration we have found in our wonderful Nordic nature. All our lamps are available in three main models, one with white light only, which cannot be dimmed, one with white light only, which can be dimmed, and the last model with multi-coloured LEDs together with white light, where the light be toned in different nuances, which we call light themes. The lamps have a strong light and are therefore suitable as primary light source. They are also decorative during the day, when they ar not turned on. Since they use LED light, they are energy-friendly and can be used at places, where the light is on for many hours a day. The light diodes last from typically 30.000 hours and up to 50.000 hours and therefore last for many years. E.g. the light diodes last in approx. 35 years when being on approx. 4 hours a day.
LED pendant - PIPE

Suitable all places, where you wish indirect lighting such as kitchen, living room, corridor etc. Beautiful cosy light e.g. in the corner of your living room or above a sideboard. Hang e.g. 2 or more pendants together in a group. Choose the right lighting for the right mood.
LED pendant PIPE
LED wall lamp - SUNSET

LED wall lamp. Excellent lighting with white light. Choose or light themes (coloured light). Choose the right lighting for the right mood.
LED pendant, SUNSET
LED pendant - WORLD

LED pendant WORLD: Inspired by our planet with equator around it, the pendant has an aluminium tape around it containing the LED diodes. The light spreads from equator and is reflected from the white ball and out into the room. The pendant gives a pleasant spreading of light above and below and gives a good lighting. The pendant is available in two sizes MEDIUM (30 cm in diameter) and LARGE (50 cm in diameter).
LED pendel - WORLD
LED pendant - GLACIER

LED pendant GLACIER. Excellent lighting with beautiful spreading of light in the rom e.g. over a dining table. The use of LED makes it possible to create unique designs that have never been seen before. This innovate LED pendant in ODSIF design has an open design in the middle of the lamp and the light sources are placed on the outside of the lamp in the upper and lower parts of the slim tubes on the white shades.
LED pendant - GLACIER

The LED night lamp is based on the SUNSET lamp, but has one further function. It has built-in light and motion sensor. This means that it will automatically turn on a soft light that is not so strong at night.
LED night lamp
LED outdoor lamp - WATER

The LED WATER lamp is a drop shaped lamp for outdoor use with the light as a fan downwards and a light beam showing upwards or the direction from where the drop falls.
Outdoor LED lamp - WATER

LED lamps - Accessories and spare parts

Slim wireless wall switch

Slim wireless wall switch in various LK designs. Can be used with all ODSIF lamps that can be remote controlled.
Wireless wall switch
Transmitter for tablets and smartphones.

Transmitter for tablets and smartphones. This transmitter must be connected to your home network and can then be controlled from tablets and smartphones.
Telldus transmitter

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