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Aluminium profile - aluminium rail for recessed LED strip

Aluminium profile for installation

Aluminum profile - aluminium rail for recessed LED strip

Available with either transparent, frosted or opal cover. Comes with screws, clips and end caps. Available in lengths up to 2000 mm. Finish 6063 aluminum, silver oxidized. For flexible LED bands up to 10.8 mm wide. Comes with double-sided tape and clips. Can be installed with clips, double-sided tape and double-sided tape in wooden groove.

Included on delivery:

  • 2 pcs. screws (3x10 mm)
  • 2 end covers
  • 2 pcs. clips

Technical information

Length: Up to 2000 mm
Finish: 6063 aluminum, silver oxidized
Cover: Transparent, semi-transparent, frosted
LED width: Up to 10.8 mm

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