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Tablet management for nursing homes - clear buttons and icons
Pad and ipad control of smarthome
Pad control for nursing homes from which the user can control units in the home. With ODSIF's tablet control, the user can control devices such as blinds, curtains, door openers, window openers and more.

When one of the buttons is pressed, you can see on the screen that it is pressed and the unit in the house is operated, for example. by pressing the roller blind, the roller blind moves up or down.

NEW SMART FUNCTION - many residents of nursing homes have TVs in the home, but have difficulty switching between several applications - one for housing units, another for TVs etc. TV - switch on and off, change channel and increase / decrease volume.

The screen can be adapted to the individual occupant with and without TV control and with more or fewer buttons.

Button functions and color codes:

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