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White LED strip for indoor use - secondary lighting
White Led strip
This LED strip has a pleasant warm white color. It's light intensity corresponding to approx. a 40W incandescent bulb.
This LED band is suitable for all places where indirect uniform lighting is desired. See the various applications below.
The strip has self-adhesive tape and can therefore be glued to smooth surfaces. If the tape is to be installed on wooden surfaces, we recommend using aluminum rails between the tape and the surface.


Kitchen - as secondary lighting that can help boost existing lighting, for example a strip light under cabinets that provides more direct light down onto the kitchen worktop. Or as ambient lighting in a conversation kitchen by placing the strip on top of cabinets or at the plinth.
The living room - as a secondary lighting that highlights some details in the living room that you would like to draw attention to, for example. pictures, shelves, vases or other design objects.
The bedroom - like secondary lighting that is very subdued to emphasize the comfort. The ribbons can advantageously be placed on top of cabinets, on the shelf or in a frame on the wall.
Bathroom - as secondary lighting, where the strip is laid along the ceiling or wall and used to supplement another primary light source (ceiling light or wall lamp). As secondary lighting, the light does not need to have the most powerful source, but still needs to have a relatively powerful light source, as you often want good lighting in the bathroom for the activities that take place there.
The children's room - as a secondary lighting to replace night lights or to create a cozy light. The light should therefore not be so bright and as additional feature could be able to dim.
Recommended accessories

Included on delivery:
  • 3 pieces. extra plug for the LED band in case it needs to be split into smaller pieces.
Technical information
Luminance: 630 lm / m
Voltage: 12 volts
Effect: 7.2 W / m
CRI value: 95
Light Color (Kelvin): 2800-3000K
LEDs: 2835
Number of LEDs: 30 / m
Strip height: 8.0 mm

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