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Hvidt White LED strip with bright light for outdoor lighting
Warm white outdoor powerful Led light
This LED strip has a pleasant warm white colour and at the same time provides a good bright illumination.
It shines with an intensity equivalent to approximately a 90W incandescent bulb. This LED strip is suitable for all places where indirect lighting is desired outdoors or in damp places such as kitchens and bathrooms. Use it outdoors under eaves, along a wall, along a roof, along an entrance etc.
The tape has self-adhesive tape on the back and can therefore be glued to smooth surfaces. If the tape is to be glued to wood surfaces, we recommend using aluminum rails between the tape and the surface.


Stairway entrance - LED lights under stairs are very decorative while clearly showing where to step. For example, mount the strip under railings or steps and use it as primary lighting. The tape must of course be waterproof.
Terrace duck - On the patio, this type of strip can be used as primary lighting. The tape can be placed along walls or on beams on the covered terrace and light up or down. The LED band and transformer must of course be watertight.
Patio - LED strips are a perfect solution for lighting in patios. Use this band as primary indirect lighting, e.g. mounted along the ceiling or beams in the ceiling.
Entrance and walkways - LED lights along walkways should provide enough illumination to see the path and any obstacles. This strip is suitable where you want good intense lighting in your entrance. The LED strip must be waterproof.
Garage and carport - LED strips under garage or carport roofs aesthetically enhance the driveway and can be an elegant replacement for outdoor lamps. The light must be sufficient to see the driveway and surroundings, and this strip is suitable as primary lighting for this purpose.
The bathroom - as primary lighting in bathrooms, where a waterproof LED strip is needed.
The kitchen - as primary light in the kitchen or laundry room / utility room, where a waterproof installation of the LED strip is needed.

Technical information
Luminance: 1400 lm / m
Voltage: 12 volts
Effect: 19.2 W / m
CRI value: 90
Light Color (Kelvin): 2700K
LEDs: 2216
Number of LEDs: 240 / m
Strip height: 8.0 mm

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