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LED wall light SUNSET with built-in light theme and energy-friendly light for every mood
LED wall light with built-in light bulbs, including reading lights, cozy lights, movie theater lights, sunset (sunset), sunrise (sunrise), chill and several toned themes. Elegant soft switching between the themes as well as soft-on and soft-off. Excellent lighting by reading light. Easily and conveniently choose the right lighting for the right mood.
The LED wall light measures 30x30 cm and has a white back plate that is used to reflect the light out of the room. The screen is a curved surface that, on one side, shields from the direct light and creates a lamp that is simple and stylish.The height of the lamp is 32 cm.

You can now also control and set the SUNSET lamp via the smart home to switch on and off at set times and with the desired light theme. With our new voice control software "Sofus" you can turn your SUNSET lamp on and off with voice - it's super smart if you're not close to a contact or have your hands full. Just say - turn on the SUNSET and there is light.

LED wall light - SUNSET is available in two variants and several colors within each variant.

With white light

ODSIF's LED wall light with white light has a warm white light, but without changing the light color or the amount of light. It is suitable for places where there is a need for a constant light up a wall, for example a brick wall, where it creates a light arrow that is reflected from the wall and highlights the structure of the wall. It can be used on a wall that you would like to appear more or as primary lighting.

With theme light

ODSIF's LED wall light with themes can be controlled via contact on the wall, from where the lamp can be switched off / on and the theme can be changed. The wall lamp can also be controlled with the three discrete buttons on the wall lamp, where the upper switches themes, the middle switches the light pillar on / off and the lower switches the lamp on and off. It can also be controlled remotely and / or via iPhone / Android / smarthpone. It is suitable for places where you want to adjust the brightness and the level of light. Suitable places can be, for example: on a brick wall, which is reasonably anonymous in daily life, in aisle areas, as primary lighting on a wall in a smaller room, where you would like to be able to switch to a comfortable evening lighting when you need to keep raw. This wall lamp must be connected to a wall outlet or an outlet and can therefore also be switched on and off with a regular on / off switch.
Up to 14 slave lamps can also be connected to themed LED wall lamps. The SUNSET slave lamps are controlled by the SUNSET master lamp, and 1 m cord is supplied for each slave lamp.
Recommended accessories

Included on delivery:
  • Air hull and rawlplug
  • 5 m fabric cord
  • User Manual
Technical information
Luminance: 420 lm
Effekt:") ?> 8 W
RA value: 80
Light color: 2700K
LEDs (white): 4 pieces. CREE MX-6
LEDs (RGB): 4 pieces. KINGBRIGHT AAAF5051
Material: Aluminum screen and back plate
Wire: 1 m flat 220V cable

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