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Roller blinds to IHC via RF transmitter to IHC output module

IHC blinds in kitchen

Motorized electric roller blind for IHC , which is controlled from an RF transmitter box

The transmitter box is connected to a seperateIHC output module. Slim model Ø38, which runs really elegant with soft start and soft stop.

The roller blind itself is connected directly to 230V. Remote control (2-channel or 16-channel) must be used to set the top and bottom positions. The transmitter box also allows multiple blinds to be connected (up to 3 pieces per 4 inputs and can be updated to multiple bars with multiple inputs). It is also possible to purchase wireless switch in LK design to operate this roller blind.

Note: Remember to co-order the transmitter for this control via IHC.


Stored fabric-

White blackout fabric White blackout fabric:
White blackout fabric 24.22 GBP,- m²

Gray blackout fabric Gray blackout fabric:
Gray blackout fabric 32.53 GBP,- m²

Black blackout fabric Black blackout fabric:
Black blackout fabric 32.53 GBP,- m²

White fabric RAL9010 White fabric RAL9010:
White fabric, RAL 9010 27.71 GBP,- m²

Screen 5% transparent White coarse mask for sun protection:
White coarse mesh screen 5% transparent 34.94 GBP,- m²

Recommended accessories for IHC roller blind

Included on delivery

  • Wall and ceiling fittings
  • 2.5 m aluminum tube with double-sided tape for fabric
  • Screws and screw plugs
  • User Manual
  • Diagram - IHC output module

Technical information

Material, rail: Aluminum
Tube diameter: Ø38 mm
Motor speed: 30 rpm.
Connection: 230V AC
Max. width: 250 cm
Maximum weight for curtain: Max. 2,5 kg/m

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