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Remote controled roller blind with RF remote control

Remote control roller blind

Luxury remote controlled roller blind with soft start and soft stop

Can be operated by RF remote control or wireless switch.
Runs almost silently with soft start and soft stop. At soft start, the motor starts very slowly and then speeds up all the time. At soft stop, the motor gradually reduces the rpm until it stops completely. The motor is connected directly to 230 volts via the supplied plug. The motor can also be connected to a 230V lamp outlet. In addition to the two end positions, 6 stop positions can be set, see the operating instructions for how this is done.

Two types of remote controls can be selected. One that can control up to 2 blinds and one that can control up to 16 blinds, see recommended accessories below. Can also be operated with wireless timer / control panel, please contact by mail if desired, as this is not a stock item.

The roller blind can also be operated from our Odsif smart home smart box. Via the app in the smarthome box you can open and close the blinds. The app can also set times for when the curtain should open and close. The curtain can also open and close depending on sunrise and sunset. The box also has built-in thermo control so that the curtains can be set to close and open depending on the temperature and thus contribute to cooling the rooms on a summer day or to protect furniture from direct sunlight.

The motor is almost silent (maximum noise is 40dB) and runs really elegant. Tube diameter is 38 mm. Including fabric, the diameter rarely exceeds 50mm. This means that the fabric curtain looks sleek and elegant.

Note that there is also a slightly cheaper version of this drop down. The difference between the two is that the cheaper version has no soft start and soft stop and has an external transformer. This curtain is not quite so silent.. Link is here.


Stored fabric

White blackout fabric"> Hvidt mørklægningsstof:
Hvidt mørklægningsstof - DKK 201,- m²

Gray blackout fabric Gråt mørklægningsstof:
Gråt mørklægningsstof - DKK 270,- m²

Black blackout fabric Sort mørklægningsstof:
Sort mørklægningsstof - DKK 270,- m²

White fabric RAL9010 Hvidt stof RAL9010:
Hvidt stof, RAL 9010 - DKK 230,- m²

Screen 5% transparent Hvidt grovmasket til solafskærmning:
Hvidt grovmasket screen 5% transparent - DKK 290,- m²

Recommended accessories for remote control roller blind

Included on delivery

  • Wall and ceiling fittings
  • 2.5 m aluminum tube with double-sided tape for fabric
  • Screws and screw plugs
  • User Manual
Technical information
Material, rail: Aluminum
Tube diameter: ?38 mm
Motor speed: 30 rpm.
Connection: Directly in 230V
Max Width: 250 cm
Remote control: RF
Maximum weight for curtain: Max 2.5 kg / m

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