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RGB LED strips for indoor use
RGB strip for indoor use
This LED band consists of the colors red, green and blue. This means that it can shine with one of these colors, all of them or a mixture of them.
This strip is suitable where you want a color play. This can be along house walls, handrails, walking areas. This strip can also be used to create a party atmosphere.
The tape has self-adhesive tape on the back and can therefore be glued to smooth surfaces. If the tape is to be glued to wood surfaces, we recommend using aluminum rails between the tape and the surface.
Recommended accessories

Included on delivery:
  • 3 pieces. extra plug for the LED band in case it needs to be split into smaller pieces.
Technical information
Luminance: 250 lm / m
Voltage: 12 volts
Effect: 7.2 W / m
LEDs: 5050
Number of LEDs: 60 / m
Strip height: 8.0 mm

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